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April 2024

Evaluating EV Chargers

Evaluating EV Chargers: Disability-Friendly?

Think of pulling up to an EV charging station with your electric vehicle, only to find that it’s not designed with your needs in mind. Accessibility at charging stations is crucial, not just for convenience but for necessity. What makes EV chargers user-friendly for people with disabilities? Is it the height of the charger, the ease of use of the connector types, or perhaps the availability of visual […]

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EV Charger Handling Guide

Safety First: EV Charger Handling Guide

EV chargers can be like setting sail on a vast electric sea. With the rise of electric vehicles, understanding how to handle your home charging station safely isn’t just smart—it’s essential. Imagine we’re embarking, where your trusty EV charger is your compass, guiding your electric car to its next adventure while keeping safe. In this guide, we’ll chart a course through the crucial

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