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EV Charger Installation, St. Petersburg, FL

Electric cars are an environment-friendly means to go to places that the general public should prefer. That this option diminishes pollution from traditional cars as well as assists owners in saving a lot from fuel costs. On account of these advantages, the State of Florida and the federal government rewards you for concern for the environment with tax credits or rebates.

We, at Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa, are glad that many are increasingly utilizing electric vehicles or hybrid cars in St. Petersburgh, FL and nearby areas. That is why we are here to make the experience shockingly better! We are an organization committed to giving electric vehicle charger installation services to both residential and commercial purposes. Rather than enduring that slow charging rate of home charging in your conventional outlet or level 1 charging station, come to our company for quicker, better, and more advantageous charging in your own home.

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Electric Car Charger Home Installation St. Petersburg, FL

Our company caters to all brands or models of electric vehicles accessible in the market today, from Kia, Tesla, and Fort to Fiat, Toyota, Audi, Mitsubishi, and more. Our skilled and certified electricians can install your home EV chargers in no time. We serve homeowners and business owners in your area, so do not hesitate to come to us just like the several families and establishments we have helped since. Allow us to also make your electric car use more convenient and efficient!

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation

While level 1 charging outlets are promptly accessible in your home, we know that this takes so long to fill up your EV. In any case, that sluggish charging performance is not enough for your daily needs, especially during emergencies. Presently, with the availability of the level 2 EV charging stations, we can install a better, higher-performing charger for you to use. From a long 15 to 50 hours of charging, you will then experience to charge in as quick as 3 to 4 hours with a level 2 electric car charger. That is obviously a big leap from the level 1 charging not to mention the hassle and waiting time in public charging stations.

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Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation

The existing level 2 electric car chargers can support all EV brands aside from Tesla. This is because Tesla has its own level 2 EV charger or the Tesla Wall Connector. Our Tesla EV charger installation service effectively installs this for your convenient use. Our experienced electricians are experts and certified in this service. With this level of charging from connecting your Tesla car in this connector, you can say goodbye to 36 to 64 hours of charging from your conventional outlet. Instead, you would now be able to charge for pretty much 8 hours only. You can charge expedite and prepare for the following day with Tesla’s battery full. This also implies no requirement for public charging and bothering long queues.

We are experts at Installing fast-charging Level 2 chargers.

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