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Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation, Tampa, FL

Charging from your normal outlet at home is inefficient, slow, and more costly. A better solution to this problem is to have a level 2 charging station installed in your home. You will realize the huge difference between having to pump up your EV battery for more or less 3 to 4 hours only.

Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa is here to provide you this service at competitive rates. No matter what brand your electric car is, except Tesla, we offer the best Level 2 charging station either in your home or business establishment.

Level 1 EV Charger vs. Level 2 EV Charger

At first, you probably felt like your outlet at home is sufficient that you do not want to spend more on upgrading it. But be honest, are we right that the level 1 charging station that you already have is not enough and is quite frustrating? We know that and we want you to understand why you need to choose a level 2 EV charging station.

Level 1 charging stations are the traditional, normal outlets that already exist in your home. It is readily available. When you bought your EV, you probably used your normal outlet before realizing that public charging stations that use Level 2 chargers work faster! Level 1 chargers take 15 to 50 hours to fully pump up your electric vehicle. If you are very impatient, you probably agree why many call this charger a “trickle charger”. That very slow capability of charging your EV makes you want to regret having this car.

However, the best solution to any regrets that you have is to hire us for a level 2 electric car charger home installation. A level 2 charger operates on 240 volts. Your home has this outlet, but often on your kitchen range or dryer. This charger obviously works better because of how it can fully top off your electric car for only 3 to 4 hours or about 12 to 60 miles per hour. Imagine how short this is compared to the level 1 charger! You need not leave your car charging overnight. Instead, you can charge upon arriving and switch it off before going to bed. In that span of time, you are sure that your electric vehicle is fully charged.

Switch to a faster and more convenient charging station from your own home or business. Level 2 charging station is accessible today and is widely used in public charging stations. Having one in your home will save more time and money in utilizing your EV charger.

Let Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa provide you this convenience. We will make sure that once we install your charger, you can plug your car in without worry. You will enjoy a 5 times faster charger in your own home. You can compare how it is far better than your typical level 1 charger. Our certified, skilled, and experienced electricians will assist you with all your level 2 charger installation needs.

If you have questions about level 2 electric car charger installation, get in touch with our representatives for more questions.

Have the convenience of fast Level 2 EV Charging at your own home or business.

ChargePoint EV Chargers

One of the most trusted EV chargers is ChargePoint EV Charger. This brand is ideal for all electric cars, except Tesla cars. ChargePoint is a company that manufactures electric car chargers for decades now. The ChargePoint EV Chargers come with hardware that is CE and UL certified for the safety of the consumers. Also, this EV charger is known for its performance and reliability.

The latest model from this company is the ChargePoint Home Flex. This is a level 2 EV charger that can fill up electric cars for up to 9x faster than other brands. It is capable of delivering up to 50 amps of power, which means 37 miles more per hour is added to your EV’s battery. If this amperage matches the charging capacity of your electric vehicle, our electricians will set it for you. Otherwise, our electricians may as well set the charger to your car’s capacity. The ChargePoint Home Flex utilizes an app. This means you can easily check the charging performance of your equipment from your mobile phone. The features and benefits of this charging station model are endless!  

We understand why you prefer this brand. Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa offers affordable and dependable ChargePoint level 2 electric car charger installation at home.

Our Electric Car Charger Installation Process

We admire EV users because you value the environment. We want to ease the experience more with our top-quality electric car charger home installation services. Our qualified electricians can assist you in either a level 2 electric car charger installation or a Tesla electric car charger installation service.

The installation process is very simple. We will inspect your garage, driveway, or parking lot, depending on where you want to place your charging station. We will make sure that the circuit and panel requirements match the voltage of the charger to be installed. Our electricians will ensure that the cables are placed securely as well. Overall, we will make sure that the EV charging stations in your home or business establishments are safely installed for users and your property.

Besides our proven competency in the field, you can trust that the electric car charging stations cost we offer is more affordable than our competitors. This is because our aim is for you to try the best home charging station service available in Tampa, FL and that you can have this with the best rates that do not break the bank.

As you we support the eco-friendly purpose of electric cars, we also want to ease your experience in the entire electric car charger home installation process. Our electricians will make sure that you are satisfied with our services from start to finish.

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