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Tesla Car Charger Installation, Tampa, FL

Tesla is one of the high-performing electric car manufacturers in the world. This innovative company continues to offer its patriots more choices that come with enhanced features and developments each time. While this has become more available to the public, having a Tesla electric car can be best enjoyed with your own home charging station.  

This is where you can trust the experts at Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa. We have certified electricians who can install your Tesla charging station today! We are dedicated to serving the electric vehicle users in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas. Whether you want an EV charging station at home or in your business, we can assist you at any time.

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Tesla Car Charging Stations

Just like other electric car brands, Tesla electric cars can charge using the 3 levels of charging stations. Tesla EVs can indeed charge using level 1 chargers or your typical outlets at home. This is because when you purchase Tesla electric cars, each comes with NEMA 5-15 adapter. But just like the other brands, Tesla cars will take as long as 36 to 64 hours to be fully charged. We totally agree that that is frustrating and very inefficient.

Tesla EVs also utilize level 2 chargers. Using the Tesla Wall Connector, you can charge your EV faster. With the level 2 Tesla charging station, you can charge your Tesla car at home within 8 hours or less. The Tesla Wall Connector has a power supply that can accommodate up to four chargers. So, at the same time, all your family members or guests can charge their Tesla cars conveniently at home.

On the other hand, the Tesla Supercharger or a level 3 EV charging station is the most high-powered charger from Tesla. It can fully top up your Tesla car for only 1 hour. However, this uses 480 volts which is not normally available in households. While Level 3 superchargers are most likely available in public charging stations for Tesla cars, level 2 Tesla chargers can sufficiently perform for your home or business establishment use. Charging in public with your Tesla is not a problem when you are sure that Tesla Superchargers are just around the block. If not, then expect to wait for hours to charge your car. But with a home charger, you are sure that you can travel without stress.

Have the convenience of fast charging at your home for your Tesla.

Our Top-Rated Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Service

Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa offers reliable Tesla car charger installation service in Tampa, FL for both homeowners and business owners. Using your wall connector, we will safely and promptly install your Tesla EV charging station so you can conveniently charge your car at home or in your business establishment.

Experience one-time installation service and never worry about filling up your car in public charging stations. The convenience can truly be expected with your very own EV home charger. No more lines and staying in your cars for hours to charge your electric car.  

Our cost-effective Tesla car charger installation solution is the best in town. From initially saving from traditional fuel, you can maximize the benefits that you get with electric cars. For your electric bills, it is as if you just added an air conditioning unit. And the cost is not something that you should worry about. Do the math, and you will see how much you reduced expenses on your transportation needs.

Not only for your home, but you may as well hire us for EV charger installation in your shop, office, or stores. This will attract Tesla car owners. Your establishment will be included in the map of public chargers. In a way, you have added a feature in your business that is helpful for your customers. Plus, you can attract new, potential customers. Think about adding visitors and tourists to Tampa, FL to the list of your customers. Take advantage of our services, so your business will grow. It is a win-win situation for you, your employees, and your customers.

Tesla-Certified EV Charger Installers

Here at Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa, we are committed to serving you with utmost skill and confidence. That is why keep electricians in the team who can validly and skillfully install your Tesla car chargers. You need not worry about doing it yourself. Avoid the dangers of working with electrical circuits and cables. Leave that job to us! Our certified installers will make sure that the process will be safe for you and your family. Our priority is to complete the job while keeping your household safe.

From the time you call our representatives, we set up a quote, and we come to your house to the time we install the Tesla level 2 charging station, expect top-quality and prompt service. Allow us to come to you and see how our electricians and representatives will provide you with the best electric car charger installation service. Our technicians can answer your questions can assist you all the time. 

Trusted EV Charger Installer in Tampa, FL

Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa is a trusted company that specializes in electric car charger installation. We serve both homeowners and business owners in your area and in nearby places. We have been in the service for a long time that we keep on equipping ourselves with the latest technologies.

We have partnered with many business owners now, and we promise to also give the same treatment. Talk to us soon so we can start revamping your business. Welcome new customers with an added EV charging facility in your store! For homeowners, our electric car charger home installation service is unparalleled. Our electric car charging stations cost is very affordable. Learn why when you call us today.

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Whether you have a Tesla or other EV brands like Toyota, Audi, Kia, or Honda, we can provide you outstanding level 2 EV charger installation service.

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