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EV Charger Installation, Wesley Chapel, FL

We all know that electric cars are the wave of the future and are now becoming famous in Wesley Chapel, FL, so we decided to provide EV clients top-notch electric vehicle charger installation services. Having your own charging station at home is more cost-effective and convenient with this eco-friendly transportation. You will also save money instead of wasting it on the high rates public charging stations offer. Likewise, with an EV home charger at your home or your workplace, you will be worry-free with the stable rates residential electricity provides. Clearly, you will save more money while you easily charge your electric car at your own home. Let our company get this going for you soon.

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EV Charger Installation Wesley Chapel, FL

Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa is ready to provide top-notch installation service for the home charger your EV needs as we have professional, experienced, and certified electricians. We got you covered may it be a delivery vehicle, electric bus, or an electric passenger car. Our service includes all brands, like Tesla, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Audi, Nissan, BMW, and more. The installation cost that Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa offer will not just break the bank, you will also be saving money once you get a home EV charging station in your household in Wesley Chapel and nearby areas.  

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation

We understand that charging your EV using your traditional outlet or level 1 charger at home may be frustrating as charging takes 15 to 50 hours. Certainly, it is not enough for your daily requirements that is why we are here to install a level 2 charger at your home for a better and improved charging experience. The installation of your EV charging station can be done either in your parking area, garage, or wherever you wish to place it on your property. Our experienced, skilled, and highly qualified electricians will make sure that the service is done professionally to ensure your safety, as well as taking into careful consideration your personal preferences.  

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Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation

Installing Tesla home chargers is our professional and certified electricians’ expertise. It is possible to even charge up to 4 Tesla cars in your home as we will assist you to gain access to a level 2 charging ability using your Tesla Wall Connector. With this, you will never experience charging your car for so long or from 36 to 64 hours that the level 1 charger allows. Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa is here to ensure that your new Tesla Charger is highly durable and safe to use.

We are experts at Installing fast-charging Level 2 chargers.

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