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EV Charger Installation Tampa FL

You are probably one of the many persons who now trust electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid cars. You must have realized how beneficial it is for society and for you to switch to this type of vehicle. Besides being eco-friendly, this is less expensive to utilize and to upkeep. However, public chargers in your area in Tampa, FL may not yet be as accessible. Plus, it is still best to have one at the convenience of your home or own business establishment. For all your EV charger installation needs, choose us.

Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa specializes in top-rated electric car charger home installation. Whether in your garage, parking space, or commercial building’s parking, we can install you the EV charger level that you prefer fast and at an affordable rate. Our aim is to make our customers’ use of EV cars more convenient, efficient, and less costly.  

Depending on the type of EV charger, the length of the cable, and the labor cost, the electric car charging station’s cost will vary. Even if that is the case, the services we offer are incomparable to our competitors. From prompt customer service to top-quality workmanship, you can trust us that we will charge a price that will not break the bank. Call us today to learn more.

Services We Offer

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation​

Because electric car models use level 1 and level 2 stations, we provide Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation service.

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation

Tesla is one of the top electric car companies in the U.S. and is known for its cutting-edge technology and vehicles.

Electric Car Charger Installation – Tampa, FL

We are committed to providing our customers dependable, safe, and fast services. Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa offers reliable services to residents and business owners in Tampa and surrounding areas. Our top-rated services include:

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation

We can install a Level 2 EV car charger in your home or business. This charging station level utilizes 240 volts and has 3 available amp levels. These are 30-amp, 40-amp, and 50-amp levels. There are many households in the country that have 240 volts dedicated to some appliances. This means that we can definitely use this if available in your home. Our certified, skilled, and experienced electricians can assist you in making sure that your Level 2 electric car charger will be installed the right way and safely. 

A level 2 EV car charging station amps up your car faster than a level 1 charger. You will no longer wait for days to fully charge your vehicle. With our level 2 electric car charger home installation service, you are confident that the process will be safe and effective. Plus, we will guide you with the taxing benefits you can get in the state and the federal government.

We can service all types of electric vehicles, from Ford, Audi, Toyota, Fiat, Kia, and Nissan to Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Honda, Cadillac, BMW, and Chevrolet.

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Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation

Tesla is best known to be one of the top manufacturers of EVs in the country. Its following has been growing because of the continuous developments that the company has introduced in this technology. And true to its promises, Tesla has provided models that are chic, eco-friendly and top-of-the-line EVs.  

If you are one of the Tesla users in Tampa, FL, you have come to the right place for the installation of your Tesla car charger. This service was intended to be separated because the charging station of Tesla cars is different from the other electric car brands. Our certified technician will make sure that your charging station is installed safely, properly, and will last long. Allow us to provide you the best Tesla electric car charger installation service in your area.

We offer our services to business owners. We want to emphasize how this feature in your business can benefit you a lot. And so, we will provide you the most accessible and affordable commercial charging station for your business.

Do you need a Home Charging Station Installed for your Tesla?

The Benefits of Home or Business EV Charging Station

Having your own EV home charging station will reduce the expenses of utilizing your car. This will likewise permit you to have a completely charged vehicle prior to leaving your home to go to work or anywhere you ought to be. Even if there are charging stations available to the public, this can barely be adequate for EV drivers in your area. If you will be visiting places without that many public charging stations, a reduced battery is not ideal. This will only cause you delays and stress. The unwavering quality and help of a charging station at your own house are vital when this EV is essentially the vehicle you use for your regular necessities.

Also, an electric car charging station on the premises of your business is an approach to show altruism to your clients. This will attract customers in Tampa who are EV car users. This will most likely expand your market even more. This additional feature to your business will be a useful one to keep your customers coming back. Moreover, having an electric vehicle charging station that shows up on Google maps. This means that traveling EV users will visit your business and become acquainted with what products or services you have. Your workers who may as well be using hybrid or EV cars will be able to conveniently access a charging station.


It is best to have your own charging station as you will save money by not paying the high rates set by third-party providers like BP or Shell. Your own source of electricity at home or your business establishment will be the same source of energy where you keep your home warm or cold. Of course, you will see a small spike in your electricity bill. However, you will save more money on electric car charging stations cost installed at your home compared to charging in public charging stations.


You will never wait inside your car just like at a public station once you have your own charging station at home. Likewise, waiting in line before charging your car in will not be a problem anymore. You will not allot time and effort charging your EV before going to your destination. The obvious convenience of a residential charging cannot be matched by charging in public. As you prepare at home before your activity or overnight, you can charge your electric car. You will fully charge your car without spending and wasting so much time in lines.


Since charging takes a couple of hours, spending time in residential areas is less dangerous than public areas. Chances of getting your car stolen, vandalized, or damaged by natural causes such as lightning storms, hailstorms, fires, etc. will be lessened too. You will be keeping yourself and your EV safer when charging at home.

Rebates and tax benefits

Take advantage of the renewable energy rebates and credits available in Florida, including federal credit.  Allow Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa to provide you the best electric car charging installation service in Tampa and nearby areas.

Let Our Certified Electricians Install Your EV Charging Stations

Many DIY guides on installing your own EV home charging station are all over the Internet. Do not be fooled by these because the process is very technical and risky. The type of plug is very specific, the type of electric vehicle that you have, the place where the cables should be placed, the voltage of the charger, and other technical requirements.

That is why you need the help of Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa! The technicalities and the safety requirements of installing chargers are not something that you can experiment on. Remember that besides utilizing circuit and panel requirements, cables will be connected and a person who is not a certified electrician or technician for this matter may not safely finish the project. Also, mistakes here can affect or damage not only the materials of the charging station, your electrical connection, but more importantly, it can cause fire. Avoid problems in installing your own charging station by choosing us. We are experienced in this field and have served hundreds of electric car owners in Tampa and nearby communities.

Thus, the only solution that will ensure the safety and security of your property and your family is to hire a certified EV charger installer. Here at Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa, we will make sure that you will receive prompt and the best electric car charger home installation service. Trust that our electricians are certified and experienced for level 2 EV charging stations and Tesla car charging stations. We can provide you the equipment you need at affordable rates!

Our top priority is your family’s convenience and safety. Leave the job to our experts for your peace of mind. Whether you want us to install the charging station in your garage, parking lot, or driveway, we have the equipment and skills to complete the project.

We are experts at Installing fast-charging Level 2 chargers.

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