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EV Charger Installation, Dunedin, FL

We, at Premier EV Charger Installation Tampa, wish to improve the experience and be more helpful with our electric vehicle home charger installation service. We want you to see how much we value that you are choosing an eco-friendly solution that EVs offer. That is why we offer our top-quality services that are suitable for your home or business in Dunedin FL, and surrounding areas. You need not experience the ill effects of the lethargic charging limit of level 1 charging station or connecting to your customary outlet at home. All things considered, our installation services will make your life and EV utilization simpler!

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Electric Car Charger Home Installation in Dunedin, FL

We committed ourselves to give top-quality, fast, and cost-efficient EV charging installation services. Our qualified, certified, and experienced electrical technicians will deal with your requirements. Not just that we will install your electric vehicle charger, but we will likewise guarantee that your personal inclinations will be considered. At the point when you want your vehicle charger to be inside your garage, parking lot, or driveway, we will get this done. Even more critically, our technicians perform in view of your security consistently.

Our organization knows that public charging is ideal for emergency charging while on the road. Depending on it alone, however, may not be a sensible choice particularly for working people or the individuals who utilize their EVs on a daily basis for work or business operations. Our trusted electricians will take care of your electric car charger home installation needs. Try not to stress since we cater all brands and models of electric vehicles, delivery vehicles, or buses. We can as well assist you with Florida and federal rebates.

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation

Compared to a level 1 EV home charger or your typical outlet, a level 2 EV charger station is way better, quicker, and more efficient. While this requires you to pay additional expense, this can upgrade your EV experience and the convenience is long term. It is certain that with this charger, you can charge your electric vehicle, delivery vehicle, or electric buses within 3 to 4 hours. Contrast that with charging your vehicle from 15 to 50 hours.

After we introduce your new level 2 electric vehicle charging station, you won’t require the entire day to pump up your car. You would now be able to utilize your vehicle without stressing over requiring public charging or encountering delays for finding the nearest public charging stations and just falling in line.

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tesla wall car charger

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation

We ensure that we serve all EV clients that is the reason we likewise install Tesla home chargers. Our trustworthy technicians are proficient and experienced in completing the job. We will ensure that you can utilize your Tesla Wall Connector appropriately. We do not recommend DIYs because of the danger of not knowing about how voltage, circuits, and cables.

Allow us to make your Tesla experience the best there is.

We are experts at Installing fast-charging Level 2 chargers.

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